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Donald Trump Tastik

| Personal | 3,151 Comments
Sorry, but I just had to do this. Donald Trump is such a character, why not turn him into a even better one. "Make My Hairca Great Again" no problem...

My First YouTube Flick

| Personal | 4,099 Comments
This is my first YouTube Video and surely not my last where I attempted to make one of those Amazing Human viral videos. Well even though I failed at making...

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015

| Around the World | 2,917 Comments

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year is one of our favorite photography competitions, and they’ve recently revealed a first look at ten of the contest’s finalists. These chosen images are…

Oracle of Extinction Artist

| Around the World | 3,064 Comments
By Jenny Zhang September 3, 2015 (original source) Known for her darkly beautiful and surrealistic oil paintings of young women, Armenian-born, California-based artist Alexandra Manukyan explores a new direction in...

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